Pangea’s Box

A World of Consciousness



Pangea’s Box is an interactive media project that allows spectators to experience the memories of a world traveler. Through the course of the video, the viewer can click on to the icons of emphasis which will channel them across multiple media platforms. Here, musical photo montages, raw video footage, linear storylines, and a mini documentary act as fragmented images of memory. This thematic concept roots from the literary technique, “streams of consciousness” immortalized by writer James Joyce.

Australia/New Zealand
Australia/New Zealand

As the spectator views the video, they will have the liberty to understand the sentimental meanings of objects and photos that may enhance or change their perspective. It invites them into the streams of consciousness of the traveler. It’s also elaborates on the cognitive prosthesis of the viewer that develops their own connections and interpretations. In the end, the cognitive process of both the traveler and the spectator transcend into a landscape of infinite consciousness.

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The Objects from Pangea's Box
The objects from Pangea’s Box

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